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August 2016 Yard of the Month
August Yard of the month 2016

Our August yard of the month winner goes to Bill and Eloise Blakeley at 1 Meadow Run. Maintaining an attractive lawn with color in heat like this is difficult, but Bill and Eloise's lawn is just the ticket! Using drought tolerant flowers and natives as well as heat tolerant grass, this month's choice was an easy one. Congratulations!

June 2016 Yard of the Month
June Yard of the Month

While the rain slowed most of us down this month, the Kirking family kept the pace with their outstanding lawn care. They are the proud winners of our neighborhood Yard of the Month. A beautiful combination of yellow and red drought tolerant flowers along with a neat and tidy lawn made this an easy choice for the month of June. Congrats!
B.J. And Lindsay Kirking
3 Stillmeadow

August 2015 Yard of the Month
August Yard of the Month

The Cox family is our much deserved August Yard of the Month winner. Having recently moved in to the neighborhood, they have been busy. Sarah and Ryan have recently increased their flower bed size to reduce lawn area. The beds are beautifully landscaped with drought tolerant plants as well as a added drip irrigation system. Drive by this lovely lawn and enjoy as well as welcome our new neighbors. Congratulations! 9 Oak View

June 2015 Yard of the Month
June Yard of the Month

June Yard of the Month goes to Bob and Jean Yates. Bob and Jean not only survived the Memorial Day flood, but their lawn lived to tell about it.

The Yates have replaced a large portion of their lawn with mulch and spreading ground cover. Also, a drip irrigation system was added to water many of the new drought tolerant plants and flowers they planted along their driveway. Beautiful rock edging and walking path add to their beautiful front yard and drive.This lawn is well worth a drive by! Congratulations Bob and Jean Yates 17 Meandering Way .

May 2015 Yard of the Month
May Yard of the Month

May winners are Jack and Cindy Ogden, 27 Stillmeadow. 

Our busy winners have a beautiful yard full of colorful geraniums, multiple planting with varying shades of green and native lantana.

Congratulations to our deserving winners for the May Yard of the Month, 2015.

September 2014 Yard of the Month
September Yard of the Month

September winners are John and Jan Pulliam,  31 Wilderness Way. 

“We completely re-did the yard about 4 years ago. Took out the Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses and planted Emerald Zoysia and also added brick-edged planters and sidewalks . We used different colors and textures of perennial plants and trees mixed in with annual color. Extensive drip liners throughout enhance plantings and add watering efficiency.”

August 2014 Yard of the Month
August Yard of the Month

Steven, Megan, William, dog Nellie, Toni and Daniel Grigsby at 4 Ridge Run are August Yard of the Month. The west side arbor has evolved over several years starting as a shade for a home office and replacing poorly performing plants.
This unique yard is a family project with the teenagers moving gravel and potted plants, hand watering and helping build and paint the arbor. Water conserving river rock is a recent addition replacing shaded out grass

July 2014 Yard of the Month
July Yard of the Month

July Yard of the Month winners are Yvonne and Bill Stoetzel, sons Kyle (right) and Austin (left), 27 Meandering Way. This handsome yard is a family project with each observed mowing, trimming, fertilizing and watering.
Vivid yellows, blues and crimson colors highlight the house. The marigolds were planted before Easter and are well established due to extra fertilizer and hand watering.

June 2014 Yard of the Month
June Yard of the Month

Camille and Farrell Desselle, 7 Misty Woods, are June Yard of the Month. 
Sixteen year residents of Oak  Bluff,  the Desselles utilize mulch cover, drought and heat resistant shrubs, and do not cut their grass too short to minimize water usage.   
Farrell's extensive landscaping efforts show in the array of plant color, texture and shape. Milk weed and large trees attract butterflies and various birds

May 2014 Yard of the Month
May Yard of the Month

Terry and Clyde Trickey, 7 Wooded Way are the May Yard of the Month winners. Their house is for sale as they are moving to a nearby single story house after 17 enjoyable years in Oak Bluff.  

Both Terry and Clyde take great interest in their landscape. Terry uses perennial flowering plants when possible with annual for accent. A drainage ditch around the beds diverts water from Bermuda Tif 419 grass that loves hot weather and needs to be cut short.  Beds are enhanced with annual rotation between plantings and fertilizer with mulching. Texas hardwood mulch conserves water.

Neighbors state this award is most deserving!

April 2014 Yard of the Month
April yard of the Month Christine and Don Alfano, 11 Meandering Way, are the April Yard of the Month winner. Original owners of the property, they have lived here since 1991. 

Chris loves plants and flowers. Walking the neighborhood with her dogs, she often gets new ideas.  Flowers, grass and accents are changed seasonally. Mulching and bedding conserve water usage.

Thank you for maintaining such an attractive yard for OB!!
September 2013 Yard of the Month
September yard of the Month September Yard of the Month winners are Carol and Wiley Christal, 4 Misty Woods.
The Christals have lived here 14 years. A gardening challenge has been yard maintenance and growing plants that thrive in drought and under the shade of 100 year old trees. White and pink caladiums and begonias do well.
Plants have been put in pots to provide more moisture and give greater display height in ground cover and near the sidewalk. Multi-level white rock terracing adds emphasis. There are plans to expand plantings in 2014.
Carol's love for gardening and her deep knowledge is influenced by her mother, a Yard of the Month winner 40 years ago in her hometown in Arkansas. Wiley, an engineer, maintains the sprinkler system and outdoor lighting. Special thanks go to Oak Bluff neighbors serving on the Committee - Natalie Osborn, Pam Capelli, Louann Woodall, Paul Margolies and Becky Margolies, chair.
August 2013 Yard of the Month
August Yard of the Month The August Yard of the Month award goes to: Shirley and Lewis Watts 26 Wilderness Way

They have lived in their Oak Bluff home 10 years. The yard is a shared project with Shirley selecting plantings and Lewis engineering the irrigation. Shirley prefers yard work to housework. She loves flowers and sometimes places silk flowers for accents in beds. Due to water shortages, specialized watering is a priority and challenging study that keeps their yard thriving. Lewis installed a 4 cycle, 80 emitter drip system 4 years ago. A new timer allows drip cycles to be programmed separately for different watering needs. Portable soaker hoses are also used, and a water misting system is is in progress for the patio.
July 2013 Yard of the Month
July Yard of the Month The July yard of the Month belongs to Sallie and Jerry Cooper, 10 Shaded Way

In the twenty years living in Oak Bluff, a recent major landscape change was re-turfing to Emerald Zoysia grass for shade, weed control and drought. Expert advise from Texas A&M and a commercial nursery where their daughter worked, enhanced planting by adding mushroom mulch for begonia growth. Gorgeous presentation!July Yard of the Month 2013

June 2013 Yard of the Month
June Yard of the month

The Yard of the Month for June belongs to the Russels. Linda and Rich Russel live at 72 Twin Ridge Parkway. Enthusiam for gardening is apparent in this immaculate yard with planted hangings and seasonal accents. Large begonias highlight a red and white theme of OU, Alma Mater for Linda, Rich and all three of their children. They see the same tropical plants in Hawaii and the Caribbean which they have on their property.

The Russels have lived in Oak Bluff since 1992 and continue to update plantings for shade, size, drought and heat challenges plus the occasional damage from grandchildren.

Congratulations Linda and Rich!

May 2013 Yard of the Month
May Yard of the month

Congratulations to Debbie and Aaron Hees, of 38 Meandering Way, for winning "Yard of the Month" for May!

They have lived at this address for eighteen (18) years. The yard is immaculate with color and plant variety, good visual movement and stands above the crowd.

Debbie states her passion for gardening originated with her grandmother. They use water saving techniques with mulching and adding tree bubblers to the sprinkling system.

Thanks for helping keep our neighborhood beautiful!

April 2013 Yard of the Month
Yard of the Month April 2013
Yard of the Month April 2013
April is a tough month for judging with many trees still bare of leaves and grass looking more brown than green, but 5 Oak Moore defied all the odds! The lushness of color, variety of plant life, and the apparent loving attention to detail made this home shine. The Yard of the Month Committee was very impressed! They look forward to cruising Oak Bluff Estates early next month to see what everyone's been up to.

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