March 3, 2020

From Danny Halden, City Engineer, City of Round Rock

Properties within the City of Round Rock in the general vicinity of Meandering Way and Hillway in Oak Bluff Estates have experienced flooding in some form or fashion in the past; and properties outside the City Limits near the end of Evergreen Drive just west of Oak Bluff Estates have too.

The City of Round Rock and Williamson County have partnered to design and construct drainage improvements aimed to reduce the frequency of flooding in these areas. The project is titled “Oak Bluff and Greenfield Drainage Improvements” and construction has commenced.

The project generally consists of upgrading culverts (pipes) under County Road 123, re-construction and significant enlargement of the existing drainage channel abutting the west edge of Oak Bluff Estates, construction of a new drainage channel along the north side of the Greenfields neighborhood, and underground storm drain construction.

A map showing the general overview is here.

The project is anticipated to be completed by about September later this year; obviously weather and unforeseen circumstances could affect the timing some. The construction cost of the project is approximately $1.75M; Williamson County is funding about $800K and the City about $1M.

The contractor installed some erosion control north of County Road 123 at the downstream end. I would like to request on behalf of the contractor access through the Oak Bluff Estates HOA property on the north side of County Road 123 if the contractor needs to tend to the erosion control. If this would be acceptable, I would like to have the contractor’s project manager contact you about it.

While we think these improvements will provide significant improvement with respect to the flooding issues experienced by properties in both the Oak Bluff Estates and Greenfields neighborhoods, it must be noted that because of existing elevations it is not possible to completely eliminate the possibility of flooding. We therefore recommend that citizens that experienced flooding issues in the past and those citizens that came close to experiencing flooding issues in the past purchase flood insurance for both structures and contents.

Even though none of the properties within Oak Bluff Estates and Greenfields neighborhoods are shown to be within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) (1% annual chance flood zone) according to the latest Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the FIRM does show a fair number of properties along Meandering Way, Meadow Run, Hillway, and even a little along Twin Ridge Parkway in Oak Bluff Estates and many properties along Evergreen Drive in Greenfields within the 0.2% annual chance floodplain (sometimes referred to as the 500-year floodplain); but it is worthy of note that the FIRM does not account for new rainfall estimates that were recently issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and we feel the SFHA would be larger is the rainfall estimates had been included. We recommend that the owners/renters in these areas educate themselves as to the level of risk and seriously consider purchase of flood insurance as appropriate.




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