June 8, 2018

Dear Oak Bluff Home Owners:

Many of the guidelines in our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (DCCR) used to ensure consistency and the aesthetics of our community are dated, and in some cases illegal. Our DCCR is in need of significant changes.

Your HOA Board is working on these updates but there’s an unusual clause in our DCCR that states the DCCR can only be updated during the last year of successive 10 year periods. If we miss this window, we have to wait another 10 years before the DCCR can be updated.

Our 10 year anniversary is ending at the end of July. It’s much more common to not limit when updates can be made and only require some home owner approval percentage. Updating our DCCR to reflect this common practice will allow us to modify our DCCR on a timely basis to keep it current.

Attached is the current DCCR paragraph limiting how the DCCR can be changed, a version with ‘marked up’ edits, and the final wording that we are proposing. We’re seeking approval on this change first and then we’ll propose for your approval other changes to reflect current practices and laws. We need your approval on this change to make the other changes because we’re not going to be able to complete the rewrite of the DCCR and get approval before the July deadline.

Spectrum Association Management is arranging for electronic and mail voting on this and will be forwarding more information shortly. Please address any comments or questions you have to president@oakbluffestates.com. Also, if you’re interested in helping to update our DCCR, please let us know via the president@oakbluffestates.com address.

Thanks for your support.

Rich Caponigro
Oak Bluff HOA


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